Over fifty trees adorned the church over the weekend of the 8th and 9th December in 2018

The money raised was split between St Mary's and 'My Sisters Place'

our chosen charity for this event.

Some of the 2018 Christmas trees are shown below.

This one by Galliford Try used the latest LED technology to light it

                                                                                       This tree from our next door neighbours Acklam Hall

                                                                                            used tea pots, cutlery and cakes as decorations.

The Northern College of Art had World War One as a theme.

Using photographs of local soldiers lost in the war encapsulated as

decorations with their brief history on the back of the photo.

There was even one of an army dog who had survived gas attacks

and injuries..

                                                                             The library tree had as its theme a Christmas Bear hunt!!!

The Outwood Academy tree was made by the students

and covered with pom poms.

                                                                                    In the low light the trees looked totally different...